4 Little Known Getaways In UK for a Peaceful Weekend

The Dumfries and Galloway region of Scotland is a perfect gateway to an area full of ‘get away from it’ places. With its long sandy beaches, tropical gardens and wonderful pine forests to wander in you can always find a peaceful spot. The Isle of Whithorn is one such spot. A small fishing village with

The Accommodation Servicescape

The accommodation business at present is very well developed across all types of tourism industry having something to offer to all types of consumers with a high flexibility in terms of price, quality and optional amenities. While in a more traditional sense, the role of the accommodation is to provide the obvious services like a

The Experience of Accommodation

While the service industry has been dominant in the developed world for the past decades with countries such as Great Britain today having around 80 % of their GDP coming from the service sector, a new type of economy has reared its head. It is quite well known that the service sector is highly competitive

Accommodation Business Risks

With the service sector being such an important part of the world economy, it is important to understand the risks that can come with it, more importantly the risks surrounding the accommodation business and tourism. Tourism today employs a higher number of people across the world; as such it is important that the businesses within

Historical Types of Tourism and Accommodation

Tourism has existed in some form or another over the course of history, but it should not be imagined like anything that exists today, as tourism implies much more than the people who choose to go on vacation to the seaside during the summer. Tourism existed even in Roman times, people would be traveling from

The Fast Rise of Touristic Accommodation

While tourism has existed in different shapes and forms over the course of history, in terms of the sheer size of the number of people that are able to travel long distances for touristic purposes has seen a massive explosion at the end of the 20th century, beginning of the 21th. With such a large

Accommodation to Fit the Location

While mass tourism still represents an extremely large chunk of the overall income of tourism as far as this economic branch goes, lately, tourists in general have become much more informed, much more cultured in a way and as a consequence, their expectations have increased exponentially. More and more tourists today want their touristic experiences to

Interaction of Visitors with Accommodation Services

There was a time when the world economy was mostly comprised of a goods based economy, which was a lot easier to quantify and measure. With time however, the world has shifted from a goods based economy to a service based economy and the latest one, which is the experience economy. When it comes to

Tourism and Accommodation Infrastructure

In today’s world, tourism is regarded as a major economical phenomenon in which a significant number of countries have a considerable stake. Countries such as Greece for example rely heavily on tourism which represents a sizeable chunk of their overall GDP. In countries like Greece, tourism employs a large number of people from both inside