Tourism and the accommodation businesses have existed in some shape or form over the course of history. In the older days, it was quite unorganized, but at present, the accommodation sector is playing a crucial role in ensuring the development and running of the tourism industry in many countries. In many situations, it represents a significant source of jobs by employing a vast number of people across the world, therefore their successful operations being of the utmost importance. With the growth of the tourist sector in the recent decades, the accommodation business has witnessed a rapid development, but with it also raised the expectations of their main demographic. Faced with ever increasing demands from both their potential visitors and also faced with increased competitions, many accommodation businesses have changed their way of operating by trying to get closer to their consumers and in some cases being able to offer an experience by themselves.

A number of innovative practices have been introduced in the service sector of hotels, for example, empowered frontline staff that can deal with unforeseen events or in order to become more unique, some have resorted to the conceptualization of a theme that can make them stand out in a very crowded accommodation sector. Of course, this does not come without challenges as any political or social disturbance can chase their visitors away and with them any hope of a successful business operation. Nevertheless, the accommodation business which plays a crucial role in the overall tourism sector represent a sustainable way of creating jobs and increasing wealth for the local populace.