Historical Types of Tourism and Accommodation

Tourism has existed in some form or another over the course of history, but it should not be imagined like anything that exists today, as tourism implies much more than the people who choose to go on vacation to the seaside during the summer. Tourism existed even in Roman times, people would be traveling from one city to another constantly, and naturally it was nowhere near as organized as it is today. This type of tourism was more directed at the indidownload-32vidual, and he was easily recognizable due to a very specific pin that they would hang on their chest during their visits.

Ancient Greece was no stranger to tourism either, people would travel constantly from one city to another in order to participate in different sporting events that they had at the time and festivals, most of which were dedicated to their gods. Due to the fact that even in ancient times there was some sort of tourist activities taking place, there was a need for accommodation. During those times, visitors would stay at local taverns that offered such services or in the homes of the local people.

With the passing of time, tourism has witnessed changes, one such example is the type of tourism that existed in the medieval period. This was a period when Europe was extremely religious, as the people were very pious and the Catholic Church reigned supreme. As a consequence, a new phenomenon appeared namely religious tourism. A characteristic of this type of tourism was of course its spiritual foundation, where pilgrims would travel great distances, on foot at times, in order to visit places which were sacred to Christianity. An example of this was during the times of the crusades, when pilgrims would travel as far as Jerusalem in order to pray. What should be noted however is the fact that this type of tourism was more structured, as the church would involve itself to provide the needed accommodation and sometimes food for the traveling pilgrims.