Interaction of Visitors with Accommodation Services

There was a time when the world economy was mostly comprised of a goods based economy, which was a lot easier to quantify and measure. With time however, the world has shifted from a goods based economy to a service based economy and the latest one, which is the experience economy. When it comes to the importance of services, probably one of the most easily recognizable types of service is that which is provided by the accommodation businesses. Be it a seaside resort hotel which aims to cater to people that want to enjoy themselves or relax, and as such their service need to download-30reflect that or a more business like accommodation that can be found within cities and are aimed at short time tourists, who are either in said location as part of a transit or in some professional capacity.

In both of the aforementioned examples, the hotels need to reflect the needs of their targeted demographic. While the resort hotel can have a much more “relaxing” theme based on amenities such as swimming pools, beach bars and the inner city hotel needs to focus on more business like amenities such as conference rooms, lower profile bars for potential business meeting and so on.

Today, it is not enough for a hotel to simply provide basic amenities that come with the business, such as a place to sleep and eat. They need to cater to their customers much more in order to be successful, by offering a larger array of services and amenities which are aimed at doing just that. An important role in achieving the goal of connecting with the customers is played by the staff. A well trained staff can represent the difference between a return visit on the part of the customer or the absence of one.