The Accommodation Servicescape

The accommodation business at present is very well developed across all types of tourism industry having something to offer to all types of consumers with a high flexibility in terms of price, quality and optional amenities. While in a more traditional sense, the role of the accommodation is to provide the obvious services like a place to sleep and eat, lately it has started 5238_lago_2to become much more than that and the first clue is represented by the staff.

More and more hotels for example train their staff to be an active part of the experience that the visitor has within their establishment, and upper management tends to empower their frontline staff a lot more than they used to. The main reason for this is that in order to be perceived as a quality business by their consumers, hotels need to reach them at a more intimate level, meaning hotels need to be at the disposal of the customers at all times and with solutions to almost any problems that they might have.

Naturally, as accommodation businesses have tried to become much more involved and prepared for the needs of their potential visitors, the needs to empower their staff had become a priority. It would be impossible for a hotel management to lay out the ground rules for any situation that can come up; as such it made more sense to have a much more prepared staff with added responsibilities that can come up with solutions to unforeseen problems that may arise for their customers. Naturally having a more trained staff with more responsibilities also means higher costs, but in the long run it tend to be the better choice, as the visitors perceive that extra layer of involvement from the hotel as quality, and the experience is enhanced for the better if they feel that their needs are catered to.