The Experience of Accommodation

While the service industry has been dominant in the developed world for the past decades with countries such as Great Britain today having around 80 % of their GDP coming from the service sector, a new type of economy has reared its head. It is quite well known that the service sector is highly competitive and as such, the ability for businesses such as accommodation service provider to make themselves more unique and therefore more attractive to potential customers has become an ever increasing challenge.

Customers tend to be a lot more informed and a lot more demanding from their accommodation arrangements. Faced with such a high number of accommodation possibilities, it is easy for potential visitors to simply take their money somewhere else if th1024px-sheraton_hotel_2009ey are not satisfied.

In order to be successful, a number of hotels and accommodation business in general have chosen to become an active part of the customer experience. Today, a large number of tourists for example are looking for what they perceive to be an authentic experience, which is part of what is known as the new experience economy. In order to understand what the experience economy is, it is simpler to exemplify. Disneyland for example offers an experience to their visitors; it is not as much of a service as it is an experience which is highly subjective due to the fact that it is formed in the mind of each visitor.

The same is the case with certain hotels, in order to make themselves more appealing, some have dressed themselves in a theme. There are hotels for example that cater to book readers, as such the hotel is designed and conceptualized around that specific theme, each floor being a different library section with the books accordingly, which visitors can pick up and read. And on every floor and every room being a specific sub-section of that floor’s overall section. As such it implies return visits for the visitor to experience each room as they are all different thus the experience being different.