The Fast Rise of Touristic Accommodation

While tourism has existed in different shapes and forms over the course of history, in terms of the sheer size of the number of people that are able to travel long distances for touristic purposes has seen a massive explosion at the end of the 20th century, beginning of the 21th. With such a large number of people being able to visit even remote locations, the infrastructure was requiredownload-31d to grow as well in order to keep up with the ever increasing demand, especially when it came to accommodation.

There are a number of reasons as to why this explosion had taken place, mostly though, they are economical in nature. With the growth of industry and automatic systems at the workplace, the employee was needed a lot less in terms of time, but at the same time, gaining more financially as increased automatization meant increased productivity which in turn meant increased profits for the company that translated into higher paychecks.

As a consequence, the end of the 20th century meant a lot of people with a lot more free time on their hands and a lot more money to spend.

This is how mass tourism was born, after the working period people would receive their vacation time with the popular destination being the sea together with the family. As it was expected, the accommodation business at the same time experienced a rapid growth. More and more hotels, motels and private houses for rent were being constructed in order to facilitate the ever increasing number of people that were traveling to popular destinations such as Italy, Greece, France, Miami and California in the United States and so on. These are but a few of the highly popular destinations that exist today, and it’s not hard to see how popular, one only needs to look at the massive number of accommodation businesses that cater to every single taste and budget.